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We are passionate about helping companies create stunning digital videos, effectively promote and distribute it on social media platforms and get maximum results from their content marketing and marketing strategy in the video-first world
Advertising / promo/ image / presentation
Complicated art custom video with unique script, actors and multiple locations. The best way for telling stories.
How to/ Edutainment/ Social /Branded content videos
Useful and interesting videos without direct and aggressive advertising. Teach people different things, increase engagement and trust. Good for common people and home workers.
Product videos
Short and powerful product videos, shows features and characteristics of your products. Simple and effective.
Video for Facebook ads.
Increase the effectiveness of marketing investments with stunning unique ad video creatives.
Data-driven approach focused on higher CTR and ROI growth. Learn more.
Animation / motion / 2D&3D graphic and infographics
Very good format for presentations, explainers or telling the stories.
Gifs and cinemagraphs
Capture attention with unusual formats of ads. Draw people into your story with immersive animated adverts. Works very effective on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing
One stop shop solution for your effective presence on social platforms.
Woodworking Media for Woodclans
Highly active niche professional community for woodworkers.
Facebook + Instagram
80 000 targeted subscribers in 6 month

Series of content videos created
500 000 views generated

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