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Product Video for Softarex FINMATEX

SLON Media was asked to create a product video for FINMATEX, a development company that makes IT products for banks.

The Task

Create an entertaining video that will tell how FINMATEX can help banks to build a relationship with clients, as well as show some important features of the service.


We filmed a live-action video in which a company representative tells about a typical yet dramatic case of a bank's client service work: a client has to wait in line for hours just to find out that the necessary information can be obtained elsewhere. Sounds pretty frustrating...

But FINMATEX has a solution! They created a platform that will help clients to get any information just with an easy-to-use app. No more queues and wasted time! We managed to show the interface of the app and the result: a happy woman that received her bank account data while shopping at a grocery store.


1. The video is used for pitching at different conferences, mailings to clients, and as an ad on YouTube and TV.

2. Filmed with English native-speakers cast.