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The World of Tomorrow - Futuristic Vision of Logistics

Logistics is often perceived as boring... What if we tell you that the logistics is like Bitcoin just a decade ago. What we mean is that the industry is going to boom in the nearest future!

The Task

That’s what we tried to show in the animated video we created for Olam Capital, the pioneers in logistics technology whose aim is revolutionizing the whole industry.

To create a video that shows the company's vision of the future of logistics and the world. The video should be unusual and futuristic to stand out among other content used in the industry.


The narrative turns around the living parcel. But there is more: the events take place in 2050 when the transportation industry has revolutionized thanks to the huge advances in technologies. The parcel tells us a little bit about the great new world we will live in and the capabilities of logistics in the future.

That's the story we came up with the Olam Capital and put in the catchy and colorful animated video. The video will be used by Olam Capital for pitching to potential partners and sponsors.