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TikTok Promotion for LG Headphones and Speaker

TikTok for Business tools became available to Polish advertisers in early 2021. LG turned out to be one of the first companies in Poland who decided to experiment with new advertising opportunities in TikTok.

The Task

To create an understanding of the benefits of the company's new products among the target audience and to increase brand awareness.

Geo: Poland

Target audience: men and women 18-34 years old

Devices: Android / iOS

Interests: leisure / technology, etc.


Videos provided by LG were used in campaigns. They were resized to fit the TikTok platform formats.

First of all, we created two separate campaigns for each product. The audience for each product was separated, so they did not compete. Desired CPM bid was not included in order to test what metrics can be automatically generated in the region.


1. Over 8.5 million impressions for 1.13 million unique users

2. 25,000 Clicks

3. $0.02-0.04 CPC

4. $0.06-0.12 CPM