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Promo Videos for Anima AI Chat Platform

SLON Media crafted animated promotional videos for an innovative AI-driven chat platform spotlighting sassy, romantic, and anime-style animas. The promo videos helped to attract new platform users and drive engagement.

About the Client

The platform presents users with a unique chat experience through AI-generated characters known as animas. Users personalize their interactions by selecting from various anima moods.

The Task

Tasked with promoting the AI-chat, SLON Media created animated videos. Each video featured a different anima embodying distinct traits: sassy, romantic, and anime-style. The objective was to produce captivating animated content that showcased the animas' personalities and the platform features.

The Workflow

The outcome of the project is a series of impactful animated promotional videos, including short and full versions, strategically designed to accentuate the platform's anima personalities. SLON Media's animation expertise effectively communicated the diverse interactions users could experience.

The concise animated promo videos served as engaging teasers, strategically placed across platforms to generate curiosity and direct traffic to the platform. Simultaneously, the full animated videos offered a more immersive experience, allowing users to delve deeper into the distinct characteristics of each anima.


SLON Media's prowess in animation seamlessly brought the animas to life. Through captivating animated videos, we successfully communicated the essence of sassy, romantic, and anime-style animas, establishing the platform as a leader in AI-driven virtual interactions.