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Kickstarter Video for Etalon

If there is an unchangeable etalon of health and beauty, it is the correct posture. Etalon is a startup that developed a posture apparel which supports your upper back and helps you embrace a posture-positive lifestyle. They are ready to attract investments to their project, so they asked us to create a product video.

The Task

Etalon is launching on Kickstarter in 1 month, they want to attract investments to their startup. The main task was to create a product video that would explain the product value and features. It was also important to create several variations of the video, so that the client could use it not only on Kickstarter but on their website and social media as well.


Together with the client we developed a script of the product video. Our team arranged shooting and postproduction: we made video editing, prepared the animations for the video, made different resizes (16x9, 9x16 and 4x5) and timings for the video.


1. Live-action product video is being used to attract investors.

2. Video adapted for website and social media platforms.

3. Explains product features and advantages.