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Video Creative for Parimatch Promo Campaign ‘PM Experts’

Our partner Parimatch needed video creative for their promo campaign ‘PM Experts'. They wanted the video to emphasize the credibility of the experts. Parimatch developed the idea and creative concept, and SLON helped to create a video that was used as pre-roll advertising and a packshot that was displayed on the PM Experts landing page.

The Task

To make a video to attract targeted traffic to the website and support the project style and design. As well as to create a packshot with all the experts for the landing page.


The creative idea was to make the video in a movie trailer style. The main reference was the crime comedy ‘Snatch’. We graphically stylized each expert like in the ‘Snatch’ reference: we separated him/her from the background and held up to him/her in the video. Here we also gave a brief introduction to the expert.

For each expert, we selected a series of shots for animation. We chose matching frames showing the expert in different poses and situations. To make the video more vivid and introduce the experts, we added graphic elements related to the specialization, career or personality of the expert.

We adapted the video for horizontal and vertical formats and for timing in 23 and 15 seconds.

In the packshot, we showed all the experts and the logo ‘PM Experts’ (which is also the project name).


1. Promo Video Matching Project Design.

2. Adapted to Different Formats and Timing.

3. Packshot Was Used on the Landing Page.