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Idea Validation and Investment Attraction for Shader App

Step into a world where mobile videos become canvases of creative expression. Discover how SLON Media unleashed the full potential of Shader – AR-first mobile video creation tool, evaluating the product idea, captivating investors and igniting the imagination of potential users.

About the Client

Shader, a new AI-enhanced social camera. It takes just 10-15 seconds to generate an AR experience, and all that is needed is a smartphone and the Shader app. It provinces a new way to make videos with its AR-first video creation tool that anyone can use.

The Goals

Shader approached us with the objectives:

1. evaluate the idea with the audience

2. check the product market fit for the startup

3. attract investors and secure a loyal user base for their innovative mobile video creation tool.

With the app in its beta phase, our mission was to create a compelling video and develop a landing page. Subsequently, we expanded the site, incorporating additional pages featuring enlightening articles from the client. Additionally, we were entrusted with crafting a powerful presentation for participation in the AWE XR tech conference, targeting investors and young people aged 15 to 25.

Work Process

Working in close collaboration with the client, the SLON team undertook a meticulous and strategic approach to help Shader achieve their goals. We leveraged our expertise in marketing and digital media to develop a comprehensive solution that would effectively communicate the value and potential of the app to investors and users alike.

The shooting video showcased the app’s unique capabilities and its seamless integration of AI technology. The client used the video in User Research, Users Tests and other evaluating methods. The video was also shown to the investors and served as a persuasive tool, showing the app’s potential.

The one-page landing page became a captivating gateway for users, offering a glimpse into the immersive world of Shader. Its design and content effectively communicated the app’s features and benefits, enticing users to explore and engage with the application.

The presentation crafted by SLON Media for the AWE XR conference was met with resounding success. Through compelling visuals and a well-crafted narrative, we captivated the attention of both investors and the potential users. The presentation showcased Shader as a revolutionary tool that empowers users to unleash their creativity and connect through AR experiences.

The presentation proved to be extremely successful at the conference and Shader has used it many times for their pitches.

Unique Illustrations for Presentation
Shader App Icon


Our strategic marketing approach, combined with our creative expertise, enabled Shader to achieve its goals of attracting investors, expanding its user base, and establishing itself as a leader in the AR-first mobile video creation landscape.

The collaboration between SLON and Shader has yielded the following results:

1. Community growth of first users who organically came to Discord: 350 users.

2. Increased visibility of Shader in the tech world.

3. Betaworks has selected Shader to be participants in AI Camp Augment. This three-month program, located in NYC, involves Betaworks investing $500,000 (+ 5% common stock) and providing close mentorship to 12 pre-seed/seed companies. Additionally, Shader have raised some funds through co-investment deals with AI Camp investors such as Greycroft, Differential VC, and Mozilla Ventures.

4. This spring, the Shader team also participated in the On Deck (ODF17) program in San Francisco, and they invested over $80K in Shader.

5. Founders attended the AWE conference and CVPR, where they received positive feedback. Shader was selected as a finalist during the pitch day at AWE. Here's the video from the speaker session about Shader.

6. The visual style of the product helped with hiring the first team members.