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Community Building for International Swimming League

International Swimming League is an annual professional swimming league and a worldwide commercial project that brings together talented swimmers and record holders. SLON has been working with them for 2.5 years: Our dedicated team manages their pages ons social networks - from content development to posting and campaigns launching.


Swimming is often perceived as a boring and unpopular sport unable to be exciting to a wide audience. The client wanted to reveal the fun side of swimming so it could look as entertaining as the NBA and NHL.

The Task

Сreate a long-term Social Media Strategy based on a creative approach to style and produce innovative content of different formats for Swimming League.


We managed to change the look of what is happening in swimming sport in terms of content, style and creativity. We showed ISL as a spectacular organization with a fascinating inner world that is fun to follow. SLON Team is able to post more than 10 posts with unique content daily + situational content during the competitions of ISL.

Services provided:

  • Development of a digital strategy for brand promotion on social channels
  • Video content production - from situational content during competitions and interviews with athletes to AR filters and animated videos
  • Community building or as we call it Branded Media Development

Platforms: Instagram - the main channel, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter


1. 10+ posts daily.

2. +90K subscribers on Instagram.

3. +100K subscribers on Facebook.

4. Thousands of audience engaged by different types of content.