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Community Growth for NEST Web3 Ecosystem

NEST® is a Web 3.0 ecosystem that securely provides users, artists and participants with transactions, NFT exchange, swap and minting, and the omni-network access.

The Task

The main task was to grow the brand’s global community with the help of quality content and social media management.


We provided a massive range of services for NEST®:

  • 6 months of social media design
  • 2 product videos (60-90 sec)
  • 3 promo video – announcement of NEST launch, 30-sec teaser, and a promotional video
  • 3D product promo (60 sec)
  • 5 tutorial videos (3 min)
  • 6 months of social media & community management

Our creative team consisted of Art Directors, Motion and Graphic Designers, 3D Designers, Copywriters, and Producers. To be time-efficient, we constructed a few teams to work simultaneously on the tasks.

Social media posts. We started from creation of several concepts and developed it further with different color options. We managed to combine following the client’s brand book and thinking outside the box.

Product Videos. We made Product Videos about the NEST B2C app and TheOtherFruit – a marketplace, where artists can publish their NFTs, swap, exchange and chat.

In the videos we showed the best features of the marketplace: the map, chat service, and how users can adjust their preferences. We used a screencast of the real marketplace so users would get a gist of the platform and understand its value.

Tutorial Videos. One of the most effective promo tools is a tutorial video. Following its instructions, users can try out the application on their own.


Product and promo videos helped to grow the community on the massive scale and increase the engagement.