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Idea Verification Video for EPAM

EPAM, the world's largest manufacturer of custom software, had the idea of creating a new project of new modern IT systems for kindergartens.

The Task

Since the complex and expensive technologies could be involved in the development, EPAM team worried that it wouldn’t get a high return on their investments. They asked SLON Media to produce a product video that will help to assess the value of the idea.

The Idea

EPAM had an idea of an innovative kindergarten that will help parents to take care of their children even when they're at work. The concept was to install system cameras reading what the child is doing and sending the data to the parents. The project's budget was millions of dollars.

We showed the target audience of a product
Brief mobile app interface demonstration

We designed a wristband for children


We invented ideas of how the product will be implemented together with the developers of EPAM. So it can be said that we also took part in the concept development of a product.

Our team filmed a four-minute live-action video demonstrating the example of a real kindergarten in Minsk that implemented the product by EPAM. We created the design of the app's interface and the technical equipment. While filming we used green chromakey to put the models of the product in the ready video

The video wasn't the easiest one to produce, but it was still a much cheaper solution than if the company developed the product without testing the hypotheses.

Users can track their children and see what they do during lessons
Live-action footage from the real kindegarten
Dancing lessons
The system verifies a child's relatives
Every day an app asks a kid how was the day


1. The video was used to test the hypotheses of a conceptual product and met positive feedback from its potential audience.

2. The concept development process was optimized with the help of video production.

3. EPAM's product got first sales, media coverage, and their team was able to analyze investment opportunities.