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Inkling Origins: The Beginning of the Universe

Recently we witnessed the origin of a beautiful universe of Inklings. Here’s our animated report from the scene.

The Task

Inkling Origins is a new NFT game. When the game was still in development, the client asked us to create a 1-minute trailer to use it in promotion and to build the brand image.


The project required a complex work process, so we gathered a dedicated team to deliver everything with due quality. Many elements of the virtual world were recreated from scratch and transferred from the original game engine to our motion graphics tools.

It was important to convey the atmosphere of the Inkling universe through the trailer. To implement all the ideas the length of the trailer has been extended to 2 minutes.

The team recreated the virtual universe: modeled an island, set up water simulation and character rigging. SLON’s music producer composed the original soundtrack fitting the action of the video: there were 6 variations for the client to choose.

Based on the final trailer, we also created 2 additional promo videos for marketing campaigns.


Complex virtual 3D universe recreated for the trailer to announce the launch of the game.

2 additional promo videos will be used for reinforcement of the marketing campaign.