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Testing Mobile Game Concepts Through Video Ads and Game Art Development

The team of mobile games developers from Crazy Labs wanted to find a fresh idea for a new game. We helped them to find the best concept through the video ads campaigns and then helped them to design the whole visual part of the game.

Testing the Concepts

Together with the client, the SLON Media production team developed several concepts and prepared a set of different video ads for potential mobile games. The goal was to choose the best concept with the highest LTV during promo campaigns.

Concept №1. Punish all criminals.

Concept №2. Heaven or hell?

Concept №3. Freak him out!

The Game Development

The whole production process from making sketches to animation took 2 weeks. Then we launched targeted campaigns for each video and started to track metrics and results. The concept №1 performed the best results and turned out to be the most attractive for the audience.

Crazy Labs used the concept of a "Punish all criminals" to develop a new game. Since we worked on the graphics of the video they asked us to design assets and develop an art of the whole game: from characters and environments to buttons and UI elements.

The game was called Detective Masters. It's a role-playing story where players have to investigate the crimes, find criminals and punish them.

Game Locations

After the Launch

After the launch of the game, we produced another video creative for the user acquisition campaign. The video showed impressive results and helped the game to get in the TOP 3 games in the AppStore.