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Product Video for Start Up & Fly

Start Up And Fly is a company that offers lead generation as a service, as well as assistance with entering the American market and recruiting. SLON helped them to create a product video, which tells about their service in a dynamic and clear way.

The Task

The task was to create a product video that the client would use on the website and social networks and send to potential clients.

Target Audience: the startups that enter the U.S. market. Also the service of lead generation and call assignment for the sales team is interesting for the European businesses, which don't want to spend additional resources on training and development of the SDR team.


The SLON team together with the client developed a script. The focus was on what problem the service solves, what features it includes, and what advantages it provides.

We created 2D graphics and dynamic animation. The rocket from Start Up And Fly’s logo leads the viewer throughout the video. To refer to the client's branding we also added smooth gradients.


Video is being used on the client's website and social networks to attract the target audience.