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Rise of Kingdoms Championship 3D Trailer

Rise of Kingdoms is a mobile strategy game developed by the Chinese company Lilith Games. They wanted to launch a new season of the game championship and asked SLON Media to create an animated promo video.

The Task

The main task was not only to present the opening of season 4 but also to pay tribute to all the players and alliances of previous seasons and showcase the Hall of Fame.

Target audience: new players and alliances, as well as old ones.


The graphics combined both 2D and 3D animation. It was important to emphasize an easter egg we invented: among the treasures in the dungeon of Osiris, you can see the real treasures from the game. For the first time in 4 seasons, the character of Osiris was introduced to the players. The character was also invented from scratch. Went through several stages of creation.


1. The trailer was displayed before every game championship stream.

2. The video got 70k views on YouTube.

3. Advanced 2D and 3D motion graphics involved in the production.