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Dedicated Creative Marketing Team for PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a document automation SaaS, that helps to create, approve, and eSign documents. SLON has been partnering with PandaDoc for 5 years providing a dedicated creative marketing team.

The Task

During this time the SLON Media DCMT has deeply integrated into the PandaDoc marketing and has become a significant part of the team. The collaboration between PandaDoc and SLON Media started with filming of meet-ups and interviews and making video presentations for PandaDoc. Today the SLON Media DCMT is highly involved in the creation of PD content: they close up to 90% of all the marketing production tasks.


Usually the concepts are on the PandaDoc’s side, and the SLON creative team is engaged in drawing, animating, and delivering. Art Direction is also on the side of our DCMT. The team brainstorms and comes up with concepts in internal sessions, and the PandaDoc design team evaluates the ideas, approves or helps to refine them.

PandaDoc and SLON Media partnership is built on:

1. Team trust. DCMT works with raw video material, generating ideas and creating visuals for videos, or can completely rethink the original concept. PandaDoc gives their DCMT plenty of room for creativity.

2. Continuous increase in the level of integration. The SLON Media DCMT is included in Pandadoc’s internal system and works closely with their Graphic Design, Branding and Management teams.

3. Open and transparent communication at all levels. All the participants of the process know what to do and when to do it, and to what extent they are involved in a particular task.

DCMT can be fully adapted to the client’s needs — that’s one of its main features. The SLON Media usually works in one of the following areas:

1. Video blogs. PandaDoc is regularly releasing videos depicting product updates, new services and product features.

2. Customer Success Stories. PandaDoc is sharing its customer success, which helps to build brand trust and loyalty. Usually Customer Success Stories have a video format, but PandaDoc and SLON Media also tried the format of audiograms for social networks. DCMT as a collaborative model allows for the exploration of new ideas and experimentation.

3. Podcast. Pandadoc’s podcast is duplicated in video format on YouTube. SLON Media does post production of the videos.

4. Internal Videos. PandaDoc regularly creates videos for its departments, when it is necessary to present information within the company, for example, about the plans for the next year or the results of work. The SLON Media DCMT helps to make post-production by developing graphics and animation, editing, and creating sound design.

5. Graphics Animation. DCMT animates gifs for emails, social media, and PandaDoc webpage.

The SLON Media DCMT has contributed greatly to the formation of PandaDoc’s corporate identity. Company’s name, bright color solution and wide use of graphics and animations helped PandaDoc to stand out and become recognizable among document automation SaaS developers. SLON Media understands PandaDoc’s vision and business philosophy and translates them through illustrations and animations.

It saves time. You save time by hiring a ready team of dedicated experts instead of gathering your own in-house team.

It saves money. DCMT costs less than an in-house team.

It’s flexible. With a DCMT you can respond to the market changes faster and more accurately.

It’s easily scalable. You can change the team composition, engage more or less specialists and resources.

It gives you access to expertise, competence and resources. You can also benefit from our huge experience and business network.