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Website Redesign for EPIO

EPIO is a platform for businesses that helps to create and promote projects. They asked SLON Media to redesign and develop a website to increase lead generation and the conversion rate.

The Task

Redesign and develop the company’s site that would clearly represent the full range of EPIO’s services in order to attract new platform users. Together with the client, we have formed a set of goals and objectives, which included:

  • User-friendly UX/UI
  • Building the SEO foundations
  • Easy navigation and clear structure of the site
  • Clear call-to-actions
  • Optimal web speed
  • WordPress CMS implementation for content management


Phase 1: Prototyping

The focus was on combining clear architecture and visual appeal. The prototyping was also driven by the content strategy. We planed logical placing for the content, with intuitive paths to discover related information.

Phase 2: Design Concept

EPIO is a brand with a long history, and they wanted to maintain their identity. We used a palette balancing between dark and pastel colors. Simple layout and modern typography communicate a sense of experience and reliability.

Phase 3: Development

During the development phase, we ensured high site speed and optimized the website for search engines. We also performed server-side validation to improve cybersecurity and client-side validation to improve user experience.


+121% of Pageviews

+96% of New Users

+184% of Organic Traffic

+49% of Website Conversions

-20.3% of Bounce Rate


1. We created a responsive website with unique meta descriptions, clear call-to-actions, and high-quality images.

2. Improved ranking in search engines by optimizing web pages and reducing site load time.

3. Server-side and client-side validations.