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TikTok Videos for IQ Option

The online trading platform IQ Option wanted to promote its service on social media using video ads. Our team created 5 trendy and emotionally appealing promo videos for the client's promo campaign on TikTok and Facebook.

The Task

To attract new users by showing the app benefits in an emotionally engaging way. Thus we developed several creative concepts based on target audience preferences and social media trends.


Our creative team developed 5 concepts for promo videos. The first concept was the most emotionally appealing: the main character reacts in a very vivid way to the gains and losses. The client has already tested the creatives at Facebook. Concepts 1 and 2 performed the best. The hook of the second concept was the robotic voice, which has been popular on TikTok for a while.

The 3rd concept was built on a comparison of trading with and without IQ Option. In the process of developing this concept, we and the client decided to show not only successful trading, but also losses.

In concept 4 we wanted to show how in trading and finance you can predict the trend behaviour.

The 5th concept showed the IQ Option Support Service: how they responded immediately to users. We chose actors of different appearances to see who the audience would react better to.


1. We created 5 video ads for TikTok and Facebook.

2. Average CTR was 0,32%, with the highest rate of 0,48%.

3. The average CR was 7,65%, with the highest rate of 15,06%.