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UGC Content for Wordtune

AI21 Labs is an AI lab & product company whose mission is to reimagine the way we read and write by making the machine a thought partner to humans. Their product is an AI-powered writing companion Wordtune that helps to make your writing more clear, compelling and authentic.

The Task

To draw the attention of an audience and promote the Wordtune on Facebook and Instagram as well as to grow the TikTok account, build brand awareness, and attract new users with engaging UGC content.


  1. to show the product features and benefits of using Wordtune app make with help of UGC-creatives;
  2. to create videos based on popular TikTok trends.

Target Audience: native English speakers.


The SLON Media team carried out the full-cycle production process including concept creation, shooting and post-production.

Creative Concepts

Our team came up with 22 creative concepts based on the client’s needs, references and TikTok trends. We divided all the UGC content into several categories:

For TikTok, we analyzed trending videos and adapted them to our goals and the product fit.


The filming process was conducted in two ways: live-on and remotely. The locations and the actors were all agreed upon with the client.

For UGC content, the actors filmed themselves on their own to create a complete impression of personal footage. Then we made videos out of that footage. The other part of the videos was created by our professional team at our studio and other locations. We also collaborated with the influencer who wrote and recorded a song for the creative.

The post-production process was held in close cooperation with the client’s team. Wordtune received a set of ready-to-use creatives in 3 resizes as well as versions with and without subtitles.