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Personalized Holiday Wish Videos

On a chilly winter day, our team decided to create bright and joyful animation videos in After Effects. With the help of AI technology, we created hundreds of the personalized videos which differ by logos, visuals, and names.

The Task

To create a personal video for every client in no time and, of course, to promote our services and products.

Making so many videos manually could have been a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming task. Our team decided to create an animated video template in After Effects and bond it with AI algorithms. So that every manager could make a personal video for their clients.


The whole project was completed in 5 steps:

  1. Concept development
  2. Scriptwriting and sketching
  3. Design - graphic designers made a unique art for our videos.
  4. Animation - motion designers took the art and made a video template out of it.
  5. The team of AI developers created a unique prototype that automatically edits and generates video in no time


1. Over 80 personalized videos were generated for our clients.

2. We received tons of warm feedback.