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UA Campaign for SNAX Games: How we reduced CPI by 57%

SNAX Games is our long time partner. Our team runs a user acquisition campaign for their mobile game Puzzles&Parties, including performance marketing audit, ad account set up and optimization, as well as creative production and A/B testing.

The Background

Initially, SNAX Games approached us with a request to produce advertising creatives. During our partnership, we expanded the range of provided services and took on the client’s performance marketing.

Our Approach and Methodology

We believe that “content is king”, still a user acquisition campaign can not be successful without a well thought-out strategy, deep understanding of the target audience and strong analytical framework. That’s why we offered the client a performance audit when we found out that the results of the first campaign were not as high as expected.



The above has resulted in a full-fledged operation that fulfils the client’s needs and strategy. The ad campaign structure is ready for further scaling as soon as the client is ready to move to pre-release or release status.

Based on MVP of the game our team developed a big set of animated and live-action video creatives with different concepts to understand which works best. We found out that the audience prefers stylish and informative creatives against misleading and trendy concepts.