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EURO 2020 Promo Campaign for Parimatch

Parimatch is an international sports betting company. They wanted to launch a huge promo campaign for the opening of EURO 2020. SLON Media helped them to produce a series of videos and billboard banners.

The Task

Produce a series of videos for the Opening of the EURO 2020 Campaign and Prematch events. As well as create billboard banners for the advertisements on the city streets.


For this series of videos, we came up with a special concept involving drone filmings of cityscapes and advanced 3D motion graphics:

EURO 2020 Opening Video

We filmed with the drone around the recognizable streets of Minsk and used this footage as an environment for the 3D motion graphics.

At the beginning of the video, the streets look blank, the colors are muted and dull. Then the "protagonist" appears - a colorful and shimmering neon football. Following the ball around the city, the graphics are "spilling out", painting the street and smaller balls rolling around with bright colors. For a few seconds, the ball moves down the street, and it's getting transformed and filled with colors.

Prematch Videos

We placed recognizable landmarks of the cities around the globe where the matches of EURO 2020 will take place in the architectural realities of Belarusian cities.

Billboard Video and Static Banners

The ball and the landmarks also appeared on banners. In the packshots, there are announcements of the participating teams and the call-to-action for the audience to make a bet.


1. The Parimatch EURO 2020 campaign with the videos we produced was launched on TV, big screens around the city, billboards, and many other promotional channels.

2. We managed to get special permission for filmings and made a unique footage of city landscapes with the help of drones.

3. Advanced 3D modeling and motion graphics were involved in the video production process.