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Identity Design for Linq Conference

Linq is an annual outdoor IT-event held in Limassol, Cyprus. The conference lasts 2 days and gathers tech entrepreneurs, investors and top managers. Our goal was to develop a unique identity for the conference.

The Task

  1. To emphasize the uniqueness of the event – combination of classic conference elements (streams with speakers) and Burning Man style experience.
  2. To design the logo, pattern, and templates for social media (FB profile header and posts) and decks.
  3. To pick a brand font and color palette that matches the brand values.
Templates for Social Media


The name of the conference is Linq, which is homophonic to ‘link’. This way the conference’s mission is to connect people to each other as well as to introduce guests to new knowledge and information.

Logo Design

Developing the logo sign we decided to emphasize the letter ‘Q’ at the end of the word. We brought the letter to its simplest form and pixelated it as a reference to the IT-industry. Then we added a counter-form at the junction of the two elements of the sign. In logotype, we used a fairly simple and cool font Suisse Int’l. It perfectly complements the logo sign.

Style Options

Client wanted the identity to be trendy and «tasty». But it was also important to develop a style that would look relevant for the next few years.The main topics of the conference are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Technology Investment, GameDev and Relocation to Cyprus, and more. The identity elements must be simple and flexible, so the brand style could be further developed and scaled.

We continued to develop the concept with pixels and counter-form. In the design process, 3 style options were formed:

Option 1

Option 1 was a representation of the development of our logo. It’s based on pixel graphics, forms are flowing one to another. This style has unlimited possibilities for scaling. It would work perfectly in all environments and can be used both in static and motion.

Option 2

Option 2 was more light and has warm vibes, that corresponds to a place where the conference takes place. Summer colors and gradients look very friendly and festive. Lots of colored pixels represent conference multidirectionality: lots of themes, lots of people and ideas.

Option 3

Option 3 was inspired by one of the references, where the blurred colors flow one into the other. All these balls symbolize the participants and guests of the conference, each and every is different and special.

The final solution was compiled from ideas described above. The result is a flexible design system which can take any form and adapt to any format with several non-standard color schemes. We created templates for social media and decks, as well as some merch design.

Color Schemes


1. Linq identity conveys its mission and attracts target audience.

2. The creative concept built on simplicity, pixelation, non-standard color-palette and neo-grotesque typeface.

3. Flexible design system can be adapted to any format and scaled.