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Ready, Set, Run-To-Earn with Metarun!

Metarun is a play-to-earn blockchain-based mobile runner game. The players can earn tokens, collect and trade NFTs and compete with each other. If you're ready to explore the Metarun universe, get on the start line!

The Task

The main task was to create interest around the game, to attract new metarunners and to build the community with help of explainer videos. The client wanted to use the creatives in advertising campaigns as well as to post them on its YouTube channel.


Our team made 9 videos in 4 resizes based on the Metarun’s gameplay, assets and game characters. We also designed eye-catchy YouTube thumbnails for each video.

Metarun offers lots of features, and they wanted them to be explained in a clear and simple way. We came out with the creative concepts for future videos and wrote scripts. We offered different options for voiceover for the client to choose.


1. The videos helped to explain game features and attract new users.
2. Views on YouTube exceeded 560K.
3. Reinforced brand awareness and loyalty.