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Explainer Video for B9 Startup

B9 is a free checking account that requires no minimum balance to open for Mexican immigrants coming to the US for a better life. It's still in the early stage, so SLON Media helped their team to make an explainer video for potential users.

The Task

Create a short explainer video to introduce the audience to the product's features and show who can benefit from it.


One of the best ways to showcase a new technological product to a wide audience is animation. Our team invented the concept for the video and created several visual options for the characters and graphics in the video

Animation Graphics Options

Option 1 – Classic

Option 2 – Exaggerated

Option 3 – Simplified style


1. The video helped to launch startup and get first users.

2. App's features explanation through 2D animation.

3. Helping people to adapt in the new environment.