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Client feedback shows the power of video

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We know it can be difficult to communicate the value of a software product in a visually engaging way. But we also know it’s possible. To do this, your video must clearly illustrate the tangible impact of your product in an exciting way. 

For example, one of our former clients, Daedalean, had an exciting software product for autonomous air taxis and wanted to create a video about it. However, they had trouble communicating the software’s value to stakeholders. 

“Flying cars are cool and everybody wants to watch videos with them — but we don’t manufacture flying cars, we make software.” – Director, Daedalean

Through a four-month partnership, we were able to achieve their vision. They ended up leaving feedback about our services on a B2B ratings and reviews platform. Clutch recognizes companies by allowing clients to leave detailed reviews about vendors’ services.

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The review illustrates how video can transform a code-based product into effective multimedia-based marketing content. 

The final product included the client’s raw films of test air taxi flights, graphics, music, and voice recordings. 


After launching the videos, the client received thousands of YouTube views, hundreds of social media likes, and an increase in subscribers for both channels. Online media channels in the same industry even agreed to link the video in their content. 

“We talked to many visitors on our exhibition stands who were attracted by the videos and were relevant to us as potential partners and customers. We got much positive feedback…” – Director, Daedalean

Video content is transforming the marketing industry, and there is plenty of room for software companies to get involved. Even the most complex software products can be communicated in an easy-to-understand way through video content. Don’t believe us? There are many examples of successful explainer videos online.

We’re happy that our first review on Clutch demonstrates the ability of innovative video to communicate complex technology. That’s something we truly enjoy doing at Slon Media. 

Would your company benefit from an engaging explainer video? Get in touch with us to discuss your possibilities.

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