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Personalized video greetings for our customers

New Year video cover

The best decision of Holiday Greetings for Business Owners

What do you usually give your lovely clients like a gift on New Year? Physically gift? Or online wishes in words? Or a greeting card? We’re the production company that’s why we decided to give a personal greeting video.

But the personal video for every client is difficult, takes a long time and expensive. Of course, we love and respect our clients but we couldn’t spend much time to create different videos.

Our team decided to create a fantastic animation video in After Effects where every project manager could in 5 minutes change the logo and of the client and do personal video.


new year


Our Goal

Our goal was to create a personal video for every client and it mustn’t take a long time, it mustn’t be expensive. Our clients must be satisfied with this congratulations.

And, of course, we thought of advertizing our service and product (animated video).


5 steps to create the perfect video



#1. Development of conception

In the first step, we took the discussion with a creative manager that created a conception.

The conception was agreed on the CEO and after final redaction of the team (project manager, art director, and creative manager).


#2. Scripting an animated movie. Script rendering. Sketches


#3. Rendering by designer

  • We’re choosing the internal appreciation of the robot.
  • We thought where to place mention about us.
  • Then we thought where to situate the place of greeting words “Happy New Year” and what type to choose.


#4. Animation


#5. The development of the prototype

We need an easy way to edit the animated video for every client. That’s why created the unique prototype to edit video in a short time and easy way.




We used this video to congratulate our clients on New Year in personal chats.

Over 80 videos we sent to our clients and got wonderful feedback from them.



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