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Wanna Kicks App Video. Try-on shoes in augmented reality

Wanna Kicks App cover

Wanna Kicks allows people to try-on shoes in augmented reality. The app’s premise is simple: users use the smartphone camera to focus on their feet.

AR try-on helps to visualize the sneakers before they are delivered to the buyer’s door.

Users could use the app to try how a pair of sneakers will look when they’re wearing them, also it helps to make the right purchase and the less likely users are to return an item. Online retailers spend a lot of their margins trying to get customers to convert, and arguably even more servicing returns.



The main goal of the video was idea verification. Wannaby needed to test their idea with AR try-on of sneakers and would be this idea popular and brought income or no.

“Our mission is to break online shopping barriers,” Wannaby CEO and ex-Googler Sergey Arkhangelskiy tells me. “We believe that AR try-on can help customers to shop online and will wash away the difference between online and offline shopping. The ability to try sneakers with your phone before buying online should shift conversions, engagement, and returns.”

So, our video helped to recognize the whole potential of the market and to find the first commercial partners like Gucci, Adidas.

«The promo video was shown to brands and retailers like advertising prototype of the idea. Testimonials were positive, that’s why we decided to work above technology try-on of sneakers»





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Wanna Kicks Promo Video

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