Slon Media — is a video marketing company that creates, promotes and distributes visual content on social, web and mobile platforms.

From day one, we’ve been committed to making Slon a place where people can make the best work of their career — sustainably. This means working reasonable hours. Spending each day in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

As a full-service partner, we strategically connect your brand and communications to your products and services. We have the greatest impact when you hire us to do both.

Our Team
  • Herman Poleschuk
    Herman Poleschuk
  • Anatoli Vaisman
    Anatoli Vaisman
    Producer & Project Manager
  • Nina Vaisman
    Nina Vaisman
    Head Of Video Production
  • Vadim Kheifets
    Vadim Kheifets
    Video Engineer
  • Olivia Korhonen
    Olivia Korhonen
    Video Engineer
  • Veronika Kallaur
    Veronika Kallaur
    Producer & Project Manager