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Why does your app need a great promo and explainer video?

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Do you have an app and would like to promote it in the App Store and Google Play, but don’t know how does it effectively? We’d share a great idea.

Marketing videos are perfect for explaining complex concepts in a way that’s fun and fast! Today, in 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of digital ad spending in the USA. People spend more time on mobile apps. So mobile ads are becoming a win-win for marketers and mobile app owners.

For more than 50% of mobile users, apps are the first thing they look in the morning before getting out of bed. During the day, people spend lots of time on their phones, and the amount of time is only going to rise.

And it’s a really true idea to create and promote mobile explainer video for engaged relevant auditory.



What do the tasks come true from video marketing?

We analyzed our video cases and collected the decisions that got our clients.

Most brands & companies are starting to invest more on the mobile video to:

Each brand has a unique style and way of public communication. Some use humor, others — an original or informative way. However, videos could cover everything needs and key elements that the best creatives have in common.

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Lifehacks how to do the best video

By the experts, a marketing video is the most engaging type of content for app promotion. But you need to do high-quality viewability video that could understand consumers.

So, we collected the best lifehacks for the achievement of this task:

It could be the reason for poor viewability. Many users adjust screen brightness settings to save battery and dark background will not viewability.

The Call To Action (CTA) is a must-have the element, and needs to be specific to the desired action. 

 For example, write “Install the App Now” for the user acquisition campaign to install the app.

 Successful videos engage users during the first 3–4 seconds.

For example, we’ve included a couple of our cases we think to work well and cover all the above mentioned best practices.

Delightfull watching and think about your successful video.

Lifesum Mobile App Promo

Discover how mobile app helps to develop healthier eating habits.


Wanna sneaker

Explain how to Try On and shop footwear in AR

Wanna Nails UA and ASO video

Explain how to try-on nail polish Virtually.


Are you impressed with our cases? Talk to us at and found the best decision in video marketing for your business.


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