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Top 5 video marketing trends for 2020

Top 5 video marketing trends for 2020

Do you know that Video marketing helps companies reach, educate and entertain their target audience?

According to Video Marketing Statistics 2020:

And it’s not enough benefits from video marketing! 


TOP-5 Video Marketing Trends For 2020

We collected the most strong video trends in the 2020 year.  And, yes, you could accept its for small & big business. 

Of course, with different results and the performance indicators.

But… maybe AR video won’t affordable for small but for big (like Gucci) it’s a good experience. 

So, let’s talk about video trends and remember — video is dominating on social media platforms and this influence will be increasing in 2020 on 20% or more.

We’d like to talk about non-standard trends like vertical video or vlogging, e-learning. We’ll describe 5 the most strong trends that could increase your income 5 times or more in 3 months. 

Does it sound wonderful or impossible? Listen and watch our examples!


First trend.  Personalized videos

Creating video content that is customized and relevant to your target audience is becoming an increasingly popular way of forging human connections. Making a prospect feel personally valued can help to turn them into a paying customer.

The average retention rate of personalized videos is 35% higher than non-personalized videos. That’s mean you could increase your audience average on 35% and 79% from them to buy your product. Why?

Because according to stat 2020 — 79% of people say a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a product.

The notion of using a 1:1 video approach can apply to following-up on an inquiry, offering content, delivering support, simply saying thanks, or practically any application.


We are very pleased to wish our customers and partners a happy new decade with this personalized and automatically generated video congratulations cards. #madebyslon

Опубликовано SLON Media Понедельник, 30 декабря 2019 г.


Second trend. Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials build trust and credibility by letting your company’s loyal customers showcase your products or services. They offer your visitors a human story they can relate to and a real person they can connect with.

People believe real people with real emotions that describe the true experience. It helps them to make a true decision to buy or no. Help your target audience to order your services or products.


Third trend. Search Engines

Video is Getting Search-Friendly: AI and the use of closed captions are making video content more searchable. AI can transcribe the audio tracks of video with voice recognition to make video searchable.

 Google even recently announced the addition of video previews to the video carousel that appears in search results.

When you toggle through the videos in the carousel, it will show you a six-second preview of the video.



Google said this will only be the default behavior when the user is on a Wi-Fi connection. 

What does it mean for your business or brand? Use keywords in your videos and it helps you to get high positions in search engines.


Fourth trend. Shoppable video 

With the success of using shoppable photos (shopping tags on Instagram), the next logical progression is now shoppable videos.

Consumers will start using videos as a direct way to make purchases and be redirected to product pages. On shoppable videos, users will be able to click on a hyperlink and go directly to the online shopping process. 

A simple example of this is Maybelline’s promotion of their line of lipsticks in Malaysia. The video advertisement features two local influencers using the products. As the video zooms in on the product, a “shop now” link appears on the screen. Upon clicking, viewers can choose from the available shades and then be redirected to the seller’s online store.


Firth trend. AR/VR video

Augmented reality has been around for a few years now, making it more accessible for marketers to use in their social media video campaigns. Campaigns using augmented reality are immersive and interactive, leading to improved user experience and a higher CTR. 

Additionally, augmented reality videos can be especially useful for companies in the retail space because customers can use this format to virtually try your products. 

For example, using augmented reality a customer can see how a new pair of sneakers would fit their feet, or how a new color of nail polish would look on their hand (nails). 


Wanna Nails product video


Sneakers try-on


Keep in mind the best video marketing trends and use them in your marketing plan.  

Why does it important? If you don’t do it, it’ll do your competitors and you’ll lose your target audience and income!

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