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Digital and video marketing trends 2020

Digital and video marketing trends 2020

What do you think about free tools in digital marketing that could help in the development and growth of the business?


We know it sounds absurd, but it’s true. You could use non-payment tools in marketing strategy for business growth. How is it possible? Overall is simple. 


True services and skills in promoting help to do an effective marketing strategy and increase your income.


So, look at our impressive trends that will affect your marketing and that you didn’t ignore in 2020.


SEO & Video


Marketing has been changing. New channels are being constantly introduced, such as voice search, chatbot, and vlogging.

Now we’ve many different ways that can generate revenue for online business, such as partnerships, affiliate marketing, vlog, conversation marketing and etc.

It’s the reason why your business needs to start using analytics solutions that tie into the database better.

In 2020 try to adopt business intelligence solutions Google Data Studio.



Data Studio is easy to pass in all of your business and marketing data into one place. It helps to analyze different channels of marketing in one place and to build a better and more effective strategy.


Voice search

Many people use digital assistants like Alexa, Alisa or Siri. In 2020 SEO will take focus on voice searches with keywords based on how people talk. 

By the end of 2021, there will be about 2 billion people who use voice assistants on a regular basis. They will look for everything from simple questions of “what’s the weather today?” to “where could I buy an airline ticket in Paris?”.

What does it mean for business? Use keywords that the same as people talk and use a simple and short description that will understand enough teenagers. Would you like to know more about voice search? Read voice search research with Brian Dean.

voise search


 Page Speed

Will you wait for the loading of the site if it takes more than 10 seconds? More than 5 seconds? We think — no because now you could find necessary information via different sources.

25% of users will abandon a page if it doesn’t load in four seconds and they’re not likely to come back. Focus on improving your page speed in 2020 and watch your site’s performance improve.

Check your speed of the site on PageSpeed Insights and look recommendation for you.

Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The median load time, for instance, for content coded with AMP HTML is 0.7 seconds. Conversely, the median load time for non-AMP pages is 22 seconds.


Snippets and content


Google is trying to get better at delivering content to humans, so we need to adjust our SEO techniques accordingly.


For marketers in 2020, it’s more important than ever before to create extremely high-quality unique content with clear and simple structured and easy text to understand. We need to write for humans and search engines alike, and make sure we don’t neglect one or the other.


Content marketing stats:


Leverage interactive content, a shift from traditional text-based content toward dynamic, engaging content. For example:

What does it mean for business? Write high-quality useful content for your audience and take popular keywords in snippets what too you must write to humans, not to bots.



What companies will have to do in 2020 is to leverage more communication channels? Clever chatbots that could answer simple and frequent questions.

Chatbots are personal assistance without human involvement. 2020 tech breathes new “life” into chatbots with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The good solutions are ManyChat and MobileMonkey.


ManyChat and MobileMonkey leverage Facebook Messenger and as they connect it with Instagram and WhatsApp it will get even more popular.

In addition to chatbots, you’ll see more people leveraging tools that allow push notifications like Subscribers.

What does it mean for business? You could use chatbots for different needs like booking of calling (Calendly), consultation ( use AI in chatbot from Chatfuel), help to choose a product, send news and actions for your subscribers and even do a training online course (automated funnels).



You’ll want to build a personal or corporate brand in 2020. The reason branding is so important now is because of Google’s E.A.T. ranking factor, which stands for:

People buy Jordan shoes because they love Michael Jordan. His shoes are so popular, it’s helped him boost his net worth to over a billion dollars. Plus owning a basketball team doesn’t hurt either. 

But what’s interesting is he’s made more money after retirement than he did as a basketball player.

And it’s not just Jordan who built a strong brand. The same goes for companies like Nike, Ferrari, Tesla, New Balance, and the list goes on and on.

It’s why companies are spending over 10 billion dollars a year on influencer marketing.



What does it mean for business? Build your brand. Does it be stronger, develop it with a hard PR campaign and use video marketing to increase the involvement of more audiences? Why video and PR? Look how in a short time to be popular startup «In a Heartbeat» Animated Short Film.



Would you like to grow fastly? Leverage AI and automation tools in marketing because it will make changes faster and more accurately than a human. 

AI and machine-learning algorithms are designed to make your work easier. You could use it for optimizing online advertising campaigns, SEO, email marketing, etc.

Look for several reasons why organizations are adopting AI in their business.

adopting AI


AI will soon be the driving force behind many services and right now there are implemented in such areas as:



Why does it important for your business? Businesses adopting AI in 2020 will be able to cut staffing costs and accelerate growth, getting an edge over their competitors.


Marketing is going to become a game of personalization. With ad costs and even general marketing costs rising, you have no choice but to figure out how to convert the 97% of your traffic that just never comes back.

Personalized marketing is where it’s at in 2020.

90% of 1,000 people surveyed said they found personalization appealing and 80% said they’re more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences. Customers are beginning to expect personalization and there are a lot of ways for digital marketers to deliver.

For example, you could use segmented email lists, subscribers of chatbot and social media messages. 


Video marketing


Video marketing—with hosting videos becoming easier and easier, each year sees more successful and ambitious branded videos online (including vlogs).


These numbers show the importance of incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy in 2020:

Video is by far the most popular way customers want to learn about new products.



And don’t just think YouTube. You can make a video post or start a live broadcast on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

If your site includes video, it’s 50X more likely (50 times!) to drive organic search results compared to text. Why? Because people find video content more compelling, so Google pushes pages that include videos higher in the rankings.


AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have exploded in popularity over the past few years and are quickly becoming one of the top marketing trends. 

AR is already being used by major companies like Wannaby. Using their app and AR, the app allows you to try-on and buy sneakers in augmented reality, without having to go to a store and physically apply it. 





2020 will be a year of video that your business could include in different tools of marketing. And it helps to improve marketing strategy and effectiveness. And will be impressed on income.

To recap, here are trends you need to keep an eye out:

  1. Page Speed and Snippets and context for humans
  2. Chatbots and customer support
  3. AMP and its effect on load speed
  4. Voice search and how it impacts SEO
  5. Personal brand and how it helps to income
  6. AI and machine learning
  7. Video marketing and vlog
  8. Ar and VR

Spend the extra time making these free tools in your marketing strategy or more fit for your business and marketing strategy and get a good income.

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