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Can mobile video ads increase installs

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Do you know that In 2019 more users access the internet via smartphones compared to desktop? In 2019, video advertising is going to grow from 40% in 2018 to 50% of the total views.


And 83% of users looked video ads via mobile internet. The video ads are paid more attention and remembered for a longer time.


Interesting fact: users that view video ads on mobile devices are 3 times more likely to click via than on the desktop.


If you would like to expand and acquire a bigger audience, mobile video ads should be the go-to strategy in 2020. Now a mobile video ad is the effective advertisements method to promote the mobile application. 


Let’s look at some video marketing statistics:

  1. YouTube mobile video consumption increases every year by 100 %;
  2. 90% of users report watching a video about a product or service is helpful in the buying decision process;
  3. After watching a video about a product, users are 64 % more likely to buy it online;
  4. 45% of mobile video consumers share videos with friends and community members;
  5. Including video on a website’s homepage increases conversion rates up to 20 %;
  6. Animated explainer videos boost conversion rates by 20 % or more.

But which type of digital video advertising is right for you? Let’s look at the three most popular types of video ads available: in-stream, in-banners and out-stream.


 In-stream, in-banners and out-stream ad formats

In-stream ads play before or during the video. When an ad is served, users are required to watch it for 5 seconds before they can skip it.

You must find correctly audience to show video ads before a video that they are desirable to watch. This ad may appear as an unwelcome video that’s why it must be captivating, clear and attention-grabbing in the first five seconds.

The pricing model for in-stream video ads is cost-per-view (CPV) bidding. Advertisers pay for complete video views or for engage, such as clicks on call-to-action overlays, to visit a site. 


In-banner video ads are in-display, in-page video, video interstitial, incentivized video, and in-feed video are banner ads (generally 300 x 250 pixels) with videos set in them that can expand to a large interactive panel or redirect users to the domain where these video ads are hosted.


Out-stream ads are served on the website or in an app, outside of video content. For example, the ad gets played in a banner, while users interact with the app. 

Out-stream ads: in-app, Facebook and Instagram

We’ll talk about the most popular format: in-app video, Facebook and Instagram.

An in-app video ads

An in-app video ad is one of the most popular formats of 2019 years. It’s entertaining and highly engaging. But sometimes some users find it distracting when a video is placed incongruously.


Video in-app advertising can take many forms all of which are characterized by visual aspects, relevance, utility, and call-to-action. 


The most popular and effective ones are:

  1. multi-product advertising which demonstrates several products or services within a single ad;
  2. event advertising boosts certain occasion and events;
  3. the retargeting ad which is based on users’ recent search requests;
  4. boosted post which started as an organic one on the company’s  Facebook homepage and eventually was promoted.


A massive in-app video ad is a big competition. Would you like to win?

Use catchy video is the most important attention grabber once your advertising campaign is live. 


Facebook video ads

The video ads on Facebook helps to involve the more relevant audience with the right settings of ads.

We noticed one tip to help increase mobile app installs. It’s a video that includes a mobile phone, like the image shown in the screenshot below.


Having this type of video can be beneficial for two reasons; the first is that is can help the user register that they are, indeed, looking at a mobile app with just a glance at the image. It also shows someone using your product.


Instagram video ads

Do you prefer Instagram video ads? There are 2 kinds of Instagram ads:

  1. Video ads let you show your app in action, which will quickly capture the attention of the Insta user.
  2. Instagram Stories Ads are vertical videos that look like a regular Instagram Story. With Stories Ads you can rearrange existing photos and videos, or use Instagram’s creative tools to create a unique story about your app.
  3. Last, there are Collection Ads, which combine the features of Carousel and Video allowing you to post a ‘collection’ of videos and photos about your app.



Mobile video is a must-have strategy for marketing in the 2020 year. With the increasing number of video viewers, the industry is expected to enjoy raising investments and capitalize on the growing demand. Only in 2017, mobile video ad spends increased by 150% in the US.

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