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  • Website and Personal Account Design Website and Personal Account Design
  • Increased Active Users by 28% Increased Active Users by 28%
  • Design Adapted for Long Reading Design Adapted for Long Reading

Did you like history lessons at school? Neither did we! That’s because at that time we didn't have yet. is an educational project on the history, culture and traditions of Jewry. We designed a recognizable website for them.


The Task

1. To develop a recognizable unique website design.

2. To adapt the design for long reading of the articles.

3. To develop a personal account in which you can organize and conveniently work with the website materials and courses.


The Solution

For the website design we used logo elements, eye-pleasing illustrations and a unique color-palette. We picked a beige background color and easy-to-read font so you can read the articles all day (and night) long.

  • palette
  • daonline icons

Our team also designed the personal account that makes it a lot easier to work with website content and courses.


Once you start using you definitely will be hungry for more. And you’ll never be short of content: we developed the tagging system that will supply you with articles relevant to your interests.


  • Recognizable Website Design
  • Personal Account Development
  • Personal Account Development