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Web Design for Linq Conference cover
  • Matches the Client's Visual Identity Matches the Client's Visual Identity
  • User-Friendly Administration Panel User-Friendly Administration Panel
  • Convenient and Thoughtful Navigation Convenient and Thoughtful Navigation

Try to guess: what connects tech executives, investors, policymakers and tech-lovers? That’s right – Linq!
It is a tech conference located in the heart of Cyprus, where tech minds and souls come to inspire, educate and connect, all while having an unparalleled experience.

  • Web Design for Linq Conference description

⭐ The Task:

Our task was to design a website that attracts users’ attention, shows the opportunities and benefits of attending the Linq conference and conveys an exciting atmosphere and quality entertainment.

  • Web Design for Linq Conference speakers

? Solution:

We created a user-friendly structure, highlighted important aspects, and implemented the Linq identity.

Thanks to convenient and thoughtful navigation, it’s easy to find any information you need, both about the conference itself and about an individual topic.

  • Web Design for Linq Conference schedule

Another important aspect was to design a convenient schedule to allow users select topics, event formats, locations, and organizational meetings.

All content can be added through a user-friendly administration panel in a few steps. The easy-to-use workflow allows the client to generate a conference schedule and add all information in a few steps.

  • Web Design for Linq Conference sponsors agenda

? Results

  • The website conveys the values and uniqueness of the conference
  • User-friendly administration panel allows the client to edit the content