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Visual Identity for Uniting Foundation

  • Rebranding and Visual Identity Development Rebranding and Visual Identity Development
  • Attraction of Investments Attraction of Investments
  • Social Media Templates and Print Materials Social Media Templates and Print Materials

Uniting is a charitable foundation that supports and helps Jewish people in Latvia. Our team developed a brand identity for them as unique as a human fingerprint and helped them to attract investments.

  • uniting brand guideline

The Task

Uniting reached out to do a full rebranding considering their values and mission. The new set of  to use it on the website, social media, and for offline events and investor presentation.

  • uniting brand guideline


We shortened the former name of the Uniting History Foundation to Uniting. The name came from the actual purpose of the organization – to unite people in social, historical and cultural directions. The client’s mission inspired us to create a logo representing a human fingerprint.

After the logo approval we developed the concept of a full visual identity and prepared the brand-kit. The brand-kit included:

  • a large and detailed logo for bigger occasions: full-spread ads and documents
  • a smaller logo icon for smaller ads, apps and partner list
  • color palette
  • sizing, spacing and alignment requirements
  • brand fonts, including font files
  • guidelines and examples of usage

We also made templates for social media posts and print materials that can be handed out at live events.

Another important task was to create a compelling presentation to showcase to potential investors. Our team used a newly developed brand style to effectively communicate Uniting’s mission and values, thereby facilitating their ability to secure investments.


  • The website and social networks have adopted a fresh brand identity, which is proving to be a powerful tool in attracting investment to the foundation.
  • The new branded presentation is creating a strong and compelling image that is capturing the attention of potential investors.