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sentry website development
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition Enhanced Brand Recognition
  • Renewed Visual Materials Renewed Visual Materials
  • Used to Attract Investment Used to Attract Investment
Sentry Website

Sentry – transportation management company – wanted to attract investors, strengthen their positioning and get new clients with help of a presentation and a multipage website. Our team helped the client to reinforce their visual communication.

The Goal

The main goal of the project was to help Sentry attract investors, strengthen their positioning and get new clients with help of:

  1. An animated deck that would describe the company’s advantages and opportunities;
  2. A clearly structured multi-page website that would help to differentiate the client from competitors.

The Solution

Our team has studied in depth the message and values of the client’s brand and researched the competitors in order to develop the materials that would perform best.


The landing page was low-efficient because:

  1. It didn’t represent the client’s business properly
  2. The visual style didn’t resonate with the audience
  3. Unclear hierarchy and focal points
  4. Inconsistent style and imbalanced font sizes

Multi-page website helps to increase conversions due to:

  1. Full reflection of the company’s essence, values and services
  2. Unique style, illustrations and animation appealing to the TA
  3. Clear website structure and well-defined hierarchy of each page
  4. Consistent style creates a sense of order and builds brand awareness

When developing visual materials, we integrated illustrations and animations that helped distinguish the brand and make it memorable, as well as communicate its values.