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Video for Parimatch Promo Campaign ‘Unfreeze BYN WIN’

Video for Parimatch Promo Campaign ‘Unfreeze BYN WIN’ cover
  • Advanced 3D Motion Design Advanced 3D Motion Design
  • Attracted Game Participants Attracted Game Participants
  • Used in Omnichannel Promotion Used in Omnichannel Promotion

Our long-term partner Parimatch was launching a new large-scale campaign “Unfreeze BYN WIN”. They wanted to inform the audience about a promotional game within the campaign and attract participants to the website. Parimatch developed the idea and creative concept, and SLON made the promo video, Key Visual (KV) and layouts for outdoor and digital advertising.

⭐The Task

To build awareness of the promo campaign and to attract participants, as well as to create video ad, KV and static banners for use in omnichannel promotion.

?The Solution

Promo video

In the video, we used combinations of Parimatch rhombuses forming military formations and 3D models of sports equipment. The camera moves between these elements and stops at the ice cube in which the money prize is frozen. 

To underline the theme of winter and ice and to connect the cube with the rest of the graphics, we also added ice and frost to the identity elements.

We adapted the video to the timing of 20, 15, 10, 7 and 6 seconds and resized them for different locations and platforms.

  • Video for Parimatch Promo Campaign ‘Unfreeze BYN WIN’ money banknote
    Banknote Design
  • Video for Parimatch Promo Campaign ‘Unfreeze BYN WIN’ static banner
    Static Banner

KV and Static Banners 

We made the Key Visual, which shows a huge ice cube with a banknote, which was also designed by our team. The KV was used for outdoor and digital advertising.


  • Promo Video Attracted Participants to the Game
  • KV and Banners Were used in Outdoor and Digital Advertising