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Video and Static Creatives for MuzArt

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  • High CTR High CTR
  • Increased Installs Increased Installs
  • Live-action ad videos Live-action ad videos

MuzArt Beats is a music-making app that allows users to feel like composers without knowing how to compose.

The Task

Produce a set of creative videos and static banners for online promo campaigns to increase the CTR and conversions to installs.

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We helped MuzArt’s team to identify their target audience and developed the concepts of videos and banners. Our team produced five different variations of video creatives and six static banners. 

Creatives came out to be very engaging. After the launch, they performed impressively high CTR. It helped MuzArt to increase the number of installs and retention rate.

  • Dance
  • Party
  • Noob vs Pro
  • Genres


  • Videos and banners performed impressively high CTR.
  • The great increase in the number of installs and retention rate