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Chemie Armor is the network of tinting centers for industrial paints. They approached us to produce a company video and a presentation.

The Task

Chemie Armor created a new website to showcase its solutions and build the trust of potential customers. Our task was to create a video and a presentation explaining the services of Chemie Armor to put in the header.

  • Video and Presentation for Chemie Armor industrial paint
  • Video and Presentation for Chemie Armor catalog

Presentation Slides


After the launch of the new website, it turned out that something is missing. Since the site was filled with tons of illustrations of products, it seemed that the client is selling machinery and tech products.

Our solution was to make an explainer video and a presentation about the services of a company. We filmed live action footage from the painting workshop and combined it with the animated graphics.

  • Video and Presentation for Chemie Armor deck slide
  • Video and Presentation for Chemie Armor paint

Presentation Slides

After that, our design team created a presentation that deeply illustrates the expertise of a company and matches the style of the new website.


  • The video is used on the landing page
  • The presentation gives a deeper understanding of the company's services
  • After the launch, customers became more willing for initial communication