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  • Pack of 2D Creatives Pack of 2D Creatives
  • Brand Awareness Brand Awareness
  • Increased MAU Increased MAU

Have you ever dreamed of owning the world? If you have, it's time for your dreams to come true. Let's not talk any longer, better watch the video we made for Upland, you will get it all at once.

⭐ The Task

UplandMe – the largest virtual property strategy game – wanted to promote their game with help of a pack of 2D promo videos.

💡 Solution

Our creative team made up 10 concepts, three of which were approved. Based on the ideas, we drew storyboards with the static frames of the future videos.

storyboard promo video upland



In the creatives we emphasized the Upland’s game features: you can acquire property, build on it, sell it and earn real world value. Users can actually acquire not only a single building, but a whole city or even an entire universe!

🔥 Results

  • Animated videos were used in promo campaign to increase brand awareness and attract new users.