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The Last Stand: Battle Royale - Official Trailer

The Last Stand: Battle Royale is an online PvP mobile shooter. XTEN Limited, a mobile game development company, asked SLON Media to create an attractive official trailer for the game.

The problem: The Last Stand was released and available on the App Store but the team wasn’t capable to create an appropriate cinematic trailer on their own. SLON Media was here to help.

The task was to make the video using both 2D and 3D animation that will inspire the target audience to install the game.

The solution: We developed the whole concept and the script of the trailer to make it look engaging and calling to play. Our team of motion designers, 3D and 2D artists, sound engineer, and voice actor started the production process using game assets provided by XTEN. 

The result is the ready video describing the main features of the game and demonstrating its gameplay. It is used for promo campaigns and as a game preview.