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SMM for Volkswagen Belarus

SMM and Content Production for Volkswagen Belarus cover
  • 2600+ new subscribers 2600+ new subscribers
  • 95+ launched ads campaigns 95+ launched ads campaigns
  • 10+ new creative concepts 10+ new creative concepts

Client: Volkswagen Belarus

The client is an official importer 
of Volkswagen automobiles in the Republic of Belarus

The client is an official importer of Volkswagen automobiles in the Republic of Belarus. Volkswagen is perceived solely as an automobile brand. First of all, it’s practical, simple and relatively inexpensive. The client wanted to enhance the brand’s image and show that Volkswagen is modern, stylish, and prestigious.


The main goal of videos was to draw the attention of an audience with video ads imitating a user’s experience in the style of recent TikTok trends.

The Task

Promotion on social media, creating an image of a progressive brand and managing communication with a younger target audience using a creative approach

  • Together with the client, we came up with a new feature: use the car signal as an alarm clock to remind users of the brand every morning.
  • We filmed live-action videos for a detailed demonstration of the Volkswagen automobiles.


A variety of content formats in combination with engaging mechanics and strong community management helped to increase interaction with the target audience and make the brand stand out among competitors in the Belarusian market.



  • Volkswagen and UEFA EURO 2020 collaboration video made out of video stock content
  • Live-action footage for the same series of EURO 2020 content


  • Development of a digital strategy for brand promotion on social media
  • Social media management
  • Paid promotion

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, VK, OK.


  • 5+ new content categories
  • 8+ implemented mechanics for competitions
  • 10+ new creative concepts for Stories to engage followers
  • 95+ launched advertising campaigns
  • 2600+ new subscribers
  • Audience trust ❤️