Content Strategy for ISL (International Swimming League)

The client is The International Swimming League, a worldwide commercial project that brings together talented swimmers and record holders.

Problem: Swimming is often perceived as a boring and unpopular sport unable to be exciting to a wide audience. The client wanted to reveal the fun side of swimming so it could look as entertaining as the NBA and NHL.

The main task was to create a Social Media Strategy based on a creative and innovative approach to style and content.

Solution: We managed to change the look of what is happening in swimming sport in terms of content, style and creativity. We showed ISL as a spectacular organization with a fascinating inner world that is fun to follow.

Services provided:

  • Development of a digital strategy for brand promotion on social media
  • Video production
  • Social media management

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube


  • 500+ posts
  • + 50K subscribers on Instagram
  • + 185K subscribers on Facebook
  • User Generated Content made by athletes around the world