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Community Building for International Swimming League

isl athlete competition
  • 10+ New Posts Daily 10+ New Posts Daily
  • All Types of Content: from UGC to AI All Types of Content: from UGC to AI
  • +190K Engaged Subscribers +190K Engaged Subscribers

International Swimming League is an annual professional swimming league and a worldwide commercial project that brings together talented swimmers and record holders. SLON has been working with them for 2.5 years: Our dedicated team manages their pages ons social networks - from content development to posting and campaigns launching.


Swimming is often perceived as a boring and unpopular sport unable to be exciting to a wide audience. The client wanted to reveal the fun side of swimming so it could look as entertaining as the NBA and NHL.

⭐️The Task

Сreate a long-term Social Media Strategy based on a creative approach to style and produce innovative content of different formats for Swimming League.

  • Tokyo Frog Kings Team Intro
  • Team Iron Intro


We managed to change the look of what is happening in swimming sport in terms of content, style and creativity. We showed ISL as a spectacular organization with a fascinating inner world that is fun to follow. SLON Team is able to post more than 10 posts with unique content daily + situational content during the competitions of ISL.

Services provided:

  • Development of a digital strategy for brand promotion on social channels
  • Video content production — from situational content during competitions and interviews with athletes to AR filters and animated videos
  • Community building or as we call it Branded Media Development

Platforms: Instagram — the main channel, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter


  • 10+ posts daily
  • +90K subscribers on Instagram
  • +100K subscribers on Facebook
  • Thousands of audience engaged by different types of content: from UGC made by athletes around the world to