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Set of Product Video for Sadu

  • Set of Product Videos Set of Product Videos
  • Used in Sales Offers Used in Sales Offers
  • Attracted New Clients Attracted New Clients

Sadu Abrasives is a Belgian manufacturer of complete assortment of tools for surface treatment. SLON Media made a set of product videos that are used in sales and promotional campaigns.

The Task

Create a set of videos to display on the company’s new website and for the Sadu sales team to use in the offers.


Sadu wanted the videos to show testing of their products and comparing them with similar offerings of competitors. The SLON Media creative team created the script for the videos.

  • sadu_final
  • sadu_final
  • sadu_final


  • Videos show the main product features and advantages over competitors
  • Promo campaigns with the videos helped Sadu to attract new audience