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Set of Promo Videos for KFC

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  • 4 Video <br />
Creatives 4 Video
  • Increased Brand Loyalty Increased Brand Loyalty
  • Product Placement Product Placement

KFC is very likely to change their slogan “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” to “It’s Jaw Droppin’ Good” because SLON together with Red Graphics made a set of promo videos for them.
KFC was opening 5 new restaurants and wanted to announce the "5 for 5" promo campaign. SLON arranged shootings and produced 4 promo videos + 1 video for KFC's TikTok profile.

Video Creatives for KFC

⭐️The Task

The main task was to increase brand loyalty and to draw attention to the KFC promo campaign with a set of video creatives.

TikTok Video


Our team came up with the concept of videos, found the actors and provided the location for shooting. We created 4 promo videos with product placement and a TikTok video for the KFC official account.

  • Promo Videos for KFC backstage
  • Promo Videos for KFC filming backstage
  • Promo Videos for KFC backstage collage



  • KFC got 4 live-action video creatives
  • Attracted attention to the KFC promo campaign to acquire new clients