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Promo Videos for Atlant-M

Promo Videos for Atlant-M cover
  • 3 Live-Action Video Creatives 3 Live-Action Video Creatives
  • Displayed in CIS Countries Displayed in CIS Countries
  • Increased Brand Awareness Increased Brand Awareness

Atlant-M is an association of companies specializing in the car sale, warranty, and service. This year the holding company celebrated its 30th anniversary and they asked SLON Media for help in creating promo videos.

  • Promo Videos for Atlant-M client approach cover
  • Promo Videos for Atlant-M concept taking care of your cars
  • Promo Videos for Atlant-M concept ideal couples

The task

To create 3 videos for the promo campaign in order to draw attention to the anniversary of Atlant-M and increase brand awareness.

  • Promo Videos for Atlant-M backstage
  • Promo Videos for Atlant-M backstage filming



Together with the client, the SLON Media team came up with the concepts of video ads. We developed the script, which represents the brand and the company’s mission. The voice-over was made in Russian and Ukrainian.

The commercials were shown at the anniversary event held at Dynamo-Minsk, as well as on Atlant-M social media accounts.

  • Promo Videos for Atlant-M storyboard
  • Promo Videos for Atlant-M sketches
  • Promo Videos for Atlant-M storyboard reference


The first video shows how Atlant M helps an indecisive customer to choose between a new car and a used one.

In the second video, the clients — father and son with conflicting tastes in cars — still come to a common choice, thanks to the company’s services.

In the third video, the main character, who plays multiple roles from businesswoman to photographer, doesn’t worry about the car repairs, entrusting it to Atlant-M.


  • Atlant-M got 3 live-action video ads in Russian and Ukrainian
  • Attracted attention to the Atlant-M anniversary promotional campaign and increased brand awareness