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Promo Video for
  • Animated Video for YouTube Ads Animated Video for YouTube Ads
  • Matching the Website Design Matching the Website Design
  • Attracted New Users Attracted New Users is a programmatic ad stack by RichAds. They asked SLON Media to make a promo video to introduce their new website via YouTube Ads.

⭐️The Task

To create an animated video matching the new website design, to attract new users and test how YouTube works for the RichAds’ product.

  • richads


After goal-setting RichAds provided us with the visual materials and the draft script. Later on, we came up with several concepts. Our team made a storyboard to show what the video ad will be like. After the final edits we animated the video.

The whole working process took less than a month.


  • Video creative successfully attracted target audience to the new website
  • The video helped to test the marketing hypothesis and explore a new ad channel