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OTC Stores

OTC Stores is a healthcare industry provider in the US. They asked SLON Media to film a live-action promo video with real actors close to USA realities and motion graphics and animation elements.


OTC wanted a 60+ seconds highly informative promo video to help them increase sales numbers and brand awareness.


1. Demonstrate the working process of all company’s departments and emphasize their features:

  • Trustworthy Call Center 24/7
  • CMS Compliance
  • Warehousing
  • Whitelabel Technology Platform
  • Effective Reporting system

2. Show how OTC Stores provides a high-quality service for the insurance companies highlighting the benefits of working with their team:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Loyal Customers
  • High Level of Processes Control
  • Promo video for OTC Stores storyboard
  • Promo video for OTC Stores storyboard with logo
  • Promo video for OTC Stores sketch

Storyboard to the video



From concept development to final production, the whole work process took five weeks and a team of 30 people. We maintained fillings in several locations representing different departments of OTC Stores. The idea was to tell the story from making an order to fulfilling and delivering it to the customers’ door.
For frame transitions and packshot, we designed animated graphic elements. The final cut is 120 seconds of a clear and memorable presentation of the company’s services.

  • Promo video for OTC Stores Footage from filming
  • backstage
  • Promo video for OTC Stores filming process

Footage from filming

  • Promo video for OTC Stores backstage
  • Promo video for OTC Stores backstage cameraman
  • Promo video for OTC Stores backstage worker


  • 120-seconds live-action video with motion graphic elements
  • The great increase in brand awareness after the launch
  • The video is used in online promo campaigns, sales pitches and on the OTC Stores website

Client Talk

  • Internal stakeholders praised SLON Media’s deliverables. They produced remarkable results and were commended for their professionalism. They were timely, proactive, and detailed. Overall, it was a successful partnership.

    Promo video for OTC Stores backstage Client talk from Aella
    Aella Shabuneuskaya
    COO at OTC Stores