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Midstream Lighting Website

SLON Media was asked to create a promo video for Midstream Lighting, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced lighting solutions for different industries around the globe.

The task

To find a stylish and effective manner to explain the benefits of the Modus S, an advanced model of floodlight for small and medium-sized sport facilities.


Since the product was specifically designed for sports, it is important for clients to understand the key features and the edge the lighting will give their sports teams. SLON Media came to an idea to use its expertise in 3D and model a set of floodlit environments, demonstrated from different angles on video. We also showed a detailed 3D model of Modus S.


Storyboard with the 3D assets


  • A set of advanced 3D models and environments developed
  • Perfect presentation video for sales pitches
  • The video is now used in online promo campaigns